WA Liberals vote in favour of Uber

By Hannah Francis

In a blog post, Uber said the WA Liberals' leadership on the issue was "indicative of the overwhelming support we have received in Perth and around the country". "We are thrilled that the WA Liberal Party has heard their [Uber customers and drivers] voices and is laying a foundation for WA to join states like California and Colorado in legalising ridesharing by prioritising what is in the best interest of consumers and drivers," the company said. "It’s great to be a member of a party and government that supports the removal of red tape that creates new jobs and gives customers what they want," Member for Wannaroo Paul Miles is quoted as saying.

According to Uber, Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi — an independent — also welcomed the motion, saying that innovation should not be prevented "as in doing so we create obstacles for everyone". "My hope is for Perth to provide its citizens with all the services available elsewhere in the world today," Ms Scaffidi is quoted as saying. "Consumers were always going to vote with their feet but with the support of this government too, everyone can be a winner.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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