Yo: The app that's going to be bigger than Twitter

By Christopher Mims – Wall Street Journal

The more I think about Yo, the more convinced I've become that the only dumb thing about it is the way it sends alerts to a user: as the single word 'yo' in the notifications tray, plus a tinny-sounding voice that says "Yo".

Another developer figured out how to make Yo part of a secure system of login known as two-factor or device-based authentication, which I've advocated before: users can 'yo' at their laptop from their phones in order to unlock it.

But wait, you say, a 'yo' is just that — a single, meaningless blip sent from some other random Yo user, carrying no information other than its source and the time of day that it was sent.

At the end of our interview I suggested to Arbel that he should change 'yo' to just about any other word, but he insisted that "yo is the right and only word that can work".

On its surface, the sole function of Yo is for a user to send the word 'yo' to any other friend using the app.

Arbel says other improvements are coming to the Yo app, including profile pictures for Yo users, and the option to display to followers a person's or organisation's real name instead of their user name.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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