Youth under-employment hits highest level in decades

By Lindy Kerin

“Some work is better work than no work, particularly as it gives some work experience, but it does leave them in pretty tenuous circumstances from week to week, particularly for young people who don’t have the support of family and we know that across Australia there’s about 40,000 of those.

Research from the Brotherhood of St Laurence welfare group has found more than 300,000 young Australians have casual or part-time jobs but want either more work or full-time positions.

“We need a much more comprehensive, overarching strategy that reflects the realities of the challenges faced by young people, as they’re trying to make the transition from school to work”.

“If you add the unemployed to those who are under-employed, you find that about 580,000 young people are really struggling to get a foothold in the world of work,” he told AM.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence has told a Senate committee inquiry the Government’s proposed cuts to income support for young job seekers could be devastating for many.

The brotherhood’s Tony Nicholson said that figure combined with those who are officially unemployed adds up to more than 500,000 young people.

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