Australia's post carbon tax emissions spike

By Hugh Saddler

This was equivalent to an increase in emissions of 0. 8 per cent, which translated into an increase in the emissions intensity of NEM electricity of just under 0. 8 per cent. – With the ending of the carbon price, hydro generation in Tasmania was reduced, as anticipated in the last few issues of CEDEX Electricity Update, while Snowy hydro generation remained at relatively low levels. – Wind generation was unexpectedly low (the lowest was in August since 2011, when installed capacity was considerably less than it is today) because the weather across southern Australia was much less windy than the average for August. – NEM demand for electricity stopped falling; total demand in both July and August 2014 was higher than in the corresponding months in 2013, the first time this has happened in two consecutive months since 2010.

As CEDEX has been reporting for the past several years, reductions in demand, significantly driven by policies to support increased energy efficiency, together with the increase in new renewable generation supported by the RET, have worked together to achieve quite dramatic reductions in emissions from electricity generation in Australia.

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