Beats Studio Wireless Headphones: Australian Review

By Campbell Simpson

Not having any articulation beyond the telescoping and flexible headband, the Beats Studio Wireless headphones will be uncomfortable to wear for anyone with an especially large or small head — the earcups themselves are relatively inflexible and the soft, plush earpad foam and leatherette offer the only adjustability you’ll find.

Despite a few flaws in design and the implementation of noise cancelling and internal battery, the Beats Studio Wireless headphones are more than capable for any kind of music listening you might want to try them with.

Maximum volume is extremely loud over Bluetooth, and remains the same when the headphones are connected to your music source directly with a cable, since the noise cancellation and internal electronics must be switched on whenever you want to use the Beats and listen to music — this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

These new Beats Studio Wireless headphones combine Bluetooth and noise and despite what you might presume based on the Beats name’s checkered history, they’re actually pretty good.

The updated Studio has been separated into two visually identical but otherwise different models, with the $399. 95 Studio joined by the even more expensive Studio Wireless — both have noise cancelling but the Wireless combines that noise cancelling with Bluetooth, for an all-in-one headphone that one-ups my current favourites, Sony’s MDR-1RBT Mk2, for frequent travellers and music listeners alike.

Our product reviews are presented thanks to Dick Smith. The $479. 95 Beats Studio Wireless is actually a revamp of the much loved but unlovely Beats Studio headphones from 2008, which were incredibly popular but weren’t actually very good when it came to faithfully and clearly reproducing audio at reasonable fidelity.

Headphones tend to skew towards either the minimalist or the overly fashionable, and the Beats Studio Wireless hit some kind of a middle point — not especially simple or elegant, but not too gaudy.

Beats’ Studio Wireless headphones sound better than any Beats I’ve listened to before, and as a certified audio snob that surprised me greatly.

This might not seem like much of a problem, but the headphones only have a middling 12 hours of battery life, so if you’re a frequent listener you’ll find yourself charging them more often than you’d like; it’s also impossible not to use the noise cancelling, which isn’t a problem in terms of it colouring the sound (it’s already musical enough as it is), but if you’re in an already quiet room it’s unnecessary and some listeners can find it offputting.

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