Beijing's Hong Kong ruling sparks protests

By Dow Jones newswires

Pro-democracy voices in Hong Kong have threatened a mass civil-disobedience campaign if they weren't offered "genuine choice" in 2017 elections, and 23 legislators said Sunday they would veto Beijing's proposal in the 70-seat Hong Kong legislature, where it needs two-third approval.

As he spoke, protesters outside held up banners demanding "genuine elections," and hurled insults at pro-Beijing politicians in Hong Kong, saying "their conscience has been devoured by dogs.

As for planned protests in Hong Kong in coming weeks, Mr Li called one main organizer, activist group Occupy Central, illegal. "History and practical experience tells us that if some people want to instigate radical activities, and we succumb to that, that will only breed further illegal activities.

Hong Kong pro-democracy legislators heckled a top Chinese official on Monday as he sought to explain Beijing's position on how the city should elect its leader, while police and demonstrators scuffled outside the venue.

Dozens of pro-democracy politicians disrupted remarks by Li Fei, deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's rubber-stamp parliament, which decreed on Sunday that candidates for Hong Kong's top leadership post must be approved by a committee heavily loyal to Beijing.

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