Buswell quits politics


Before Mr Buswell returned to parliament as a backbencher in May, he told reporters he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression, but refused to answer questions about whether he was drunk when he had the crash. "For some time I have been thinking about my long-term future in politics - would this be my last term or wouldn't it and I think that's a logical question that politicians ask themselves," Mr Buswell told The West Australian. "I always remind myself that when I came into the job I said I wasn't here to be a career politician. "But things changed in the last six months, and what is obvious to me, now that I am feeling a lot better, is that public life and the way I have to manage the medical condition that I've got are just not compatible. "In many ways, regrettably, I feel I've lost the passion for the job and the desire.

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