FreeviewPlus: Everything You Need To Know

By Angus Kidman

The available content is essentially identical to what you’ll find on the web-based versions of those catch-up services; merely the interface is different. (Networks can use HbbTV to provide additional content during broadcasts, but this isn’t strictly speaking a FreeviewPlus-exclusive feature — any TV set that supports HbbTV can view that content.

The basic aim of FreeviewPlus is simple: to allow you to watch catch-up services from free-to-air channels using your TV and an internet connection, but without requiring a PC, tablet or other separate screen to do so.

Beyond watching those services, you can also set reminders for your favourite programs and browse suggestions of shows to watch in the future. (A PVR would also be able to record shows, we assume, though again it’s not like you have to wait for Freeview for that option — plug-in PVR options abound already.

If you’re prepared to cough up for pay TV, Foxtel’s IQ box (which will upgrade to IQ3 by the end of the year) offers well-designed recording and reminder services, as well as an increasing amount of content available on catch-up.

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