Get Your Name On Bricks Destined For The Nikola Tesla Museum

By Logan Booker

The final tier (ignoring the “fake” $US1 million one) nets you an array of four 8 x 8-inch bricks, if you really want to establish dominance over the other building materials. Now, about the asterisk.

Having purchased Tesla’s old laboratory, the not-for-profit Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe set up an Indiegogo campaign to secure funds to turn the place into a museum celebrating all things Nikola.

Because these bricks will physically take up space on the property, we can only sell a limited number of them, and the sooner you purchase a brick, the more likely your brick will receive a preferred placement such as near Tesla’s statue and the tower base.

The minimum spend to get your name — or any three lines of text — on a 4 x 8-inch (10. 16 x 20. 32cm) brick is $US125.

Neither of these however compare to having your name engraved on a brick destined to be part of the Nikola Telsa museum in New York.

Read more here: Gizmodo


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