India could add '145GW in ten years'

By John Conroy

According to PV-Tech, the report –  by manufacturer and developer, Tata Power Solar, and solar analyst, Bridge to India – says large-scale solar, which was already viable against importe../../../css/stic_coal_by_2019__and_storage_technology_will_be_cost_competitive_with_imported_coal_by_2017.__quot_007b2qjdhordhg5mte4rwq.css;Comparing different scenarios for various sizes of solar installations across India, the report also predicts solar prices will drop a further 4% by 2024, while coal imports are expected to rise by 12%, and domestic coal prices are to increase by 7%," the website says.

The report found rooftop solar was the best option in terms of costs in the long-term – compared to commercial, utility and mega-utility projects – PV-Tech reports, with Bridge to India saying the rooftop segment could be optimised by “creating a market, which relies on reliable policies, like net metering, or creating consumer finance options”.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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