India, Japan will shape 21st century: Modi


At a speech to business leaders earlier in the day, he lambasted the expansionism of yesteryear and said it was not a viable model for Asia. "There are 18th-century-style ways and thinking that involve expanding (geographically) by taking away the land of another nation and going into the seas," he said through a translator, without making any specific reference to modern-day China. "If Asia is to become the leader in the 21st century, Japan and India should lead" and promote a path of peaceful development, he said.

Despite falling short of launching a "two-plus-two" security framework of foreign and defence ministers, the two men hailed the transformative potential of the partnership between Asia's second and third largest economies. "The world knows the 21st century is Asia's century," Modi told a joint press conference on Monday after the summit. "But its shape and quality are not yet clear.

Conservative soulmates Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe have declared ties between India and Japan were moving to a "new level", during a summit pregnant with promise for a relationship they hope will offer a counterweight to China.

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