Infiniti Q50 Petrol: Australian Hands-On

By Luke Hopewell

The Dynamic Adaptive Steering system (to use it’s technical name) works thanks to actuators sitting on the wheels which use hydraulic motors to move car about when you turn the steering wheel in the cabin.

Infiniti puts the Q50 through the same aerodynamic testing as the Red Bull team F1 cars driven by Aussie Daniel Ricciardo and former season champ, Sebastian Vettel, so it’s kind of meant to look as sleek as humanly possible.

The Infiniti Q50 petrol is packing a 2. 0L turbo-charged engine which produces 155kW of power and 350Nm of torque, and features rear-wheel drive.

Admittedly, it had been in the hands of professional drivers on a reasonably challenging circuit non-stop for four days, but still: don’t get into the Q50 thinking it’s the Infiniti Red Bull F1 car.

S and S-Premium customers get larger alloys, more safety features, paddle-shift controls on the steering wheel and a 14-speaker Bose system.

Read more here: Gizmodo


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