Putin confirms outline of ceasefire with Ukraine

By Dow Jones newswires

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Wednesday that he and his Ukrainian counterpart had agreed to the outlines of a ceasefire plan between Kiev's forces and pro-Russian rebels fighting in eastern Ukraine, Russian news agencies reported.

The seven-point plan calls for the separatists to end their offensive against Ukrainian forces around the rebel strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk, while Kiev would pull its forces back "to a distance that prevents the use of artillery and rockets against population centers," Mr Putin said in Mongolia, where he was on an official visit.

Let's see if there's follow up. "No realistic political settlement can be achieved if effectively Russia says we are going to continue to send tanks and troops and arms and advisers under the guise of separatists, who are not homegrown, and the only possible settlement is if Ukraine cedes its territory or its sovereignty," Mr Obama told a news conference in Tallinn.

In recent days, fears it could escalate further grew after Kiev and Western capitals accused Moscow of sending more than 1,000 troops into eastern Ukraine to fight alongside the separatists.

For Kiev and Western capitals, Moscow's escalation raised fears that Russian forces could push further into Ukraine, beyond the separatist regions in the east.

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