Solid data: retail sales rise while trade deficit eases

By Michael Janda

An 8 per cent rise in meat exports helped boost the data, while metal ores and minerals were also up 4 per cent adding $249 million more in July than they did in June.

The two most populous states were among those leading the gains, with New South Wales sales up 0. 7 per cent and Victoria up 0. 6 per cent. South Australia (0. 4 per cent) and Queensland (0. 1 per cent) had more modest gains, while the small ACT market saw sales surge 2. 6 per cent during the middle of winter.

Australians appeared to have the mid-winter munchies, with takeaway food sales surging 1. 7 per cent, cafes and restaurants boosting revenue by 1. 1 per cent, supermarkets posting a 0. 5 per cent gain and liquor retailing up 0. 9 per cent.

Tourism also added to exports, with foreign visitors spending an estimated 1 per cent ($20 million) more in Australia during July than they did in June.

News was mixed for clothing and accessory retailers: footwear and accessories were popular, with sales up 2. 8 per cent, but clothing sales fell 1 per cent.

However, the Northern Territory saw sales slump 2. 3 per cent, Tasmania had a 0. 4 per cent decline and Western Australian sales eased 0. 1 per cent.

Retail turnover rose a seasonally adjusted 0. 4 per cent in July, following a 0. 6 per cent rise in June.

The Australian dollar jumped about 0. 2 of a cent briefly when the Bureau of Statistics data was released at 11:30am (AEST), but then settled back to 93. 5 US cents.

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