Sony Xperia Z3 And Z3 Compact: Everything You Need To Know

By Campbell Simpson

It’s not using the Snapdragon 805 which is appearing in competitors’ superphones, but using a slightly older chipset means it’s cheaper and still supports the latest 4G mobile networks (Telstra’s new 700MHz band is, of course, included). 3GB of RAM joins the SoC CPU for generally competitive performance, and microSD cards of up to 128GB can boost the phone’s 16GB of internal memory. The Z3′s 1080p 5. 2-inch LCD screen is a TRILUMINOS one, using a blue LED backlight and larger red and green subpixels to dramatically boost the colour gamut and energy efficiency of the smartphone’s display, and X-Reality image processing for edge detection and detail refinement on images and video playback.

All the colours will be coming to Australia, although some carriers might get exclusives or first dibs on the brighter ones. With a 4. 6-inch display, the Z3 Compact has more screen real estate than the Z1 Compact’s 4. 3 inches, but it is identically sized in height and width (127mm tall and 64. 9mm across), although it’s significantly slimmer at 8. 6mm versus the Z1C’s 9. 5mm. That 4. 6-inch screen is only a 1280×720 pixel one, but this is a necessary compromise in a smaller display and fewer pixels means better graphics performance and longer battery life.

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