Warburton - why buy an iPhone when your Nokia still works?

By Tristan Edis

The emerging rationale for why the Renewable Energy Target (RET) must be pared back is because we’ve already got more than enough power stations to meet electricity demand so why encourage any more from renewable energy sources.

To bring this back to the case at hand – one needs to recognise that Australia’s coal-fired power stations emit carbon pollution per unit electricity at levels twice that of the OECD’s average power supply.

As explained on Friday this huge oversupply argument is a bit of an exaggeration once you consider that in 2015 new LNG plants will suck away a very large proportion of the fuel required to run the gas power stations in NSW and Queensland (except at exhorbitant cost).

We don’t need it apparently so time to close the shop for renewable energy power according to the Government review of the RET led by Dick Warburton.

Meanwhile, Warburton suggests we must slash the addition of new renewables by about 25,000 gigawatt-hours for fear it might put these power stations into retirement.

If this is not politically feasible then the Warburton RET Review argues that even if electricity demand were to start growing again, we should only add one extra unit of renewable energy for every two units of additional electricity demand.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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