Liberal senators urge Government against buying overseas subs

By Louise Yaxley

“When the Senate hears from experts of the stature of Dr John White, who has an international reputation in relation to shipbuilding, that there must be a competitive tender process for these submarines then this Government would be both reckless and foolish to go down any other path,” Senator Xenophon said.

“The outcome we need is a partnership with a designer who will be prepared to transfer to Australia not only access to the intellectual property and the design artefacts, but provide opportunities for our engineers, our manufacturing workers, to develop competence in the skills they need to actually support the submarine through life,” he said.

Independent South Australia senator Nick Xenophon is a member of the Senate economics committee that has been taking evidence from experts on the choice.

The Government has not ruled out buying the new submarines from overseas, possibly Japan, but Senator Fawcett said nothing that is available is suitable.

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