Abbott should step down in favour of Turnbull

By Michelle Grattan

The option (canvassed by some in the party) of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister and Scott Morrison as Treasurer, with Julie Bishop remaining deputy Liberal leader and Foreign Minister would seem the best combination.

There’d be many other problems for Turnbull, including managing a reshuffle and dealing with the party organisation (when he was leader, he reportedly wanted to get rid of federal director Brian Loughnane).

The subtext was: the crisis in which Abbott is engulfed is not because he’s been undermined by colleagues — it’s his own work.

We know leaders can rebuild but there is such an entrenched view of Abbott among voters that, on the balance of probabilities, he can’t climb back – just as it was clear well out from the 2013 election that Julia Gillard couldn’t.

When Malcolm Turnbull appeared at Thursday night’s politics in the pub on the NSW central coast the first questioner demanded to know whether he was interested in being leader.

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