Childcare costs could rise dramatically followingrecent announcements, leaving already struggling families with even higher bills.

Labor’s National Quality Framework will mean that childcare centres in NSW, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria will have to take on more staff from January 1, pushing up the costs of care.

The Australian Childcare Alliance said a recent survey of 600 childcare services has revealed centres are planning to increase fees by an averageof $10 a day.

“The Australian Childcare Alliance has repeatedly asked that this implementation of the ratio change be delayed until the government can afford to pay for it, not families, because we know families are already struggling,” president of the Alliance Gwynn Bridge told News Corp Australia.

“If the families package is going to take time to implement, we need to see a substantial increase in childcare benefits in the short term to ensure families aren’t further penalised.”

The new rules require one qualified childcare educator for every five children between the ages of two and three.

Currently, in Queensland it is one per six children. In NSW it is one for every eight while in South Australia, it is one for every 10 children.



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